Product of the Week: Get Smooth, Healthier-Looking Hair with the GHD Limited Edition Rose Gold Styler


We’ve been using the same flat iron for roughly 10 years. No joke. Hey, when you find something you like… Except, it was time for a change. We loved how hot our iron got—it meant quick and super-straight styling. But as of late, our ends were battling major damage and things were starting to look more Scare Crow than sexy beach wave.

So when we had the opportunity to try out the new GHD Limited Edition Rose Gold Styler ($225 for a set including styler, sectioning clips, and heat-resistant bag), we got our grubby hands on it and heated up.

First things first, they had us at rose gold. Just the sheer, luxurious beauty of this tool made us want to use it. So we like shiny things, so what. Secondly, this nifty iron was used at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in London December, and we all know those girls give good hair. Things were off to a good start.

Now, this iron only has one setting: 365°F, which the company claims is optimum for healthier hair, while still being able to achieve long-lasting results.

Considering we kept our old iron at a cool 435°F (yikes!), we were skeptical that a casual 365 was going to do the trick. Well, jokes on us. Not only did our kinky curls come out straight (but not TOO straight), but soft and shiny to boot. And, the style stayed as well as it did with the last iron. Believe dat.

Granted, the GHD takes a bit longer to straighten a section since we have to iron slower to make sure the heat takes effect, but the health benefits are palpable—and totally worth it.

Our favorite part about the GHD? You can use it to style more than just straight. While we haven’t mastered the technique, you can absolutely twerk the tool to create sultry waves and voluminous curls. We’ll let you know once we get the how-to together.