9 Pieces of Dating Advice from a Psychic Matchmaker


If Tinder's not working for you, maybe it's time to get metaphysical.

Deborah Graham, the psychic relationship coach from TLC's "The Psychic Matchmaker," has been helping people find their psychic match for decades. And now, lucky for those of you perhaps not-so-lucky in love, she's released a new book, Get Your Head Out of Your App: A Psychic's Guide to Attracting and Keeping True Love.

psychic matchmaker deborah graham self love formula get your head out of your app

A few clips show she's a firecracker who doesn't hold any punches (we can get behind that) and her readings are entertaining to watch.

Psychic input aside, she makes some valid points on communication, what digital has done to dating, and why you MUST go on three dates with a person.

Here, her top takeaways for finding your psychic match.

Her Rule of 3's: 3 dates, 3 months of monogamy:

1. 3 dates

Don't make any judgements about whether or not someone works for you before you've gone on three dates. There are physical matches in this world and there are spiritual matches (spoiler: What you're after is a spiritual match). You need three dates to fully identify whether or not a person is a spiritual match (i.e., to get connected energetically). So open yourself up to more dates even if you're not physically attracted to a person or think there's no chemistry on the first date. You have to move past the physical. On the second date, you'll look past the physical and start to truly communicate. On the third date, she advises, don't talk about yourself and don't bring the past into the present.

2. No sex until after 3 months of monogamy

(Again, really driving home the non-physical focus.)

3. Forgive your past. Your mother, your ex-boyfriend, whomever hurt you.

4. (See above) Let it go so that you can get whole and complete with yourself before you walk into a new relationship.

5. "We're not here for a long time, we're here for a damn good time."

6. No dates are bad!

7. Don't start your date in your apps - CALL. We're not communicating enough or well. She says, so many people break up in the first three weeks because they don't communicate.

8. Always have direct eye contact on a date.

9. And smile! It doesn't matter if you're having a bad day or a great day.