Tired of Looking Exhausted? This Will Help

Despite living in moist Miami — does anybody like the word “moist”? — I’m currently in the midst of a dry skin dilemma. I can’t drink enough water, my Kate Somerville Quench Oil Free hydration serum seemingly evaporates as soon as it quenches my epidermis, and my generally glow-inducing Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet foundation just sits atop a surface of dry-skin flakes and ever-deepening lines (goodness... thank God I can still get laid). I didn’t even have lines until like, last year. Winter skin is a post-30 thing, I guess.

And moisturized skin is really what it’s all about. A dewy, plumped up and refreshed visage always looks healthier and brighter than a dull and dried-out one, and it requires much less makeup maintenance to diffuse the dehydration. Generally just a light dusting of a BB or CC cream, some highlighter and perhaps some concealer for the more prominent, perfect imperfections that make you you, and you’re out the door.


So, you can imagine my delight when Bobbi Brown announced their latest Brightening Brick ($46; seen here in Cranberry, Pastel Pink and Coral, top to bottom), available this month, because 1) Brightening, twee! and 2) It contains sodium hyaluronate, which helps your skin attract, absorb and retain moisture. Win, win, win.

That’s good news for us newly 30-somethings. Because, girl, let me tell you… Age: It hits ya like a ton of…well, bricks (ha, see what I did there?) And I need all the brightening up I can get. You know, as a reflection of the gloriousness that’s going on on the inside. 

But back to the Brightening Brick… This stuff really does blend. And I mean, blend. So much so that you sometimes need a few layers to get the look you’re going for. But I’m ok with that, because it layers just as easily and doesn’t cake up or accentuate the increasing size of your pores.


It comes in six shades, and each palette packs six complementary hues (highlighting shimmers, blush tones, and bronzers), which is fantastic. Saves me time, and lord knows I could use more of that.

On my naturally tan skin tone, the Pastel Peach is barely discernible, but I like to throw it on the top of my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose and along my jaw line during the day for a less intense highlighting effect atop an au natural beauty look. When I’m looking to add a pop of warmth to my face, Coral (below) is the way to go. With flattering golden peach, bronze and warm coral tones, a few sweeps of this shade adds both color and definition to my face fast. Hallelujer.


Happy highlighting!