Shop Miami Month is coming to a close, but that doesn't mean you still can't snag a few of the hottest deals in the 305.

Since our founders are a couple of local entrepreneurs, we figured BAMMIES needed to get in on the #ShopMiamiMonth action to give back to our community. 

So here are a few reasons you should shop BAMMIES this week if you are a 305 native:

BAMMIES is women and minority owned. 

Our founders, Rosario Chozas and Julia Ford-Carther, wanted to create a new fashion brand that not only elevated comfort, but empowered women. Beyond our amazing clothes is a mission to help women create the best version of themselves. When you wear BAMMIES, you become a part of our mission. 

BAMMIES is designed around comfort.

One of the main inspirations for BAMMIES happened to be from working in Miami and looking for business clothes that not only were fashionable, but comfortable. Nothing is worse than sweating through a blouse or wearing heavy pants in the hot Miami sun. We are definitely not about that life. Our collections were made to have you look flawless at work, but feel like you are wearing una bata de casa con chancletas

BAMMIES has a really great sale on right now.

Our spring collection is coming out just around the corner and that means we have a nice little sale going on. Take a look around our website and see if you can order two of your favorite item! 

Happy Shopping! 

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