Snooping: The Beginning of the End


So you’ve gone and done it. You went through his phone/email/other insanely personal property in which you might not have any business being. Satisfied? Didn’t think so.

Did you really think you wanted know what he’s been doing on the World Wide Web while you’ve been at work? Or if he really stopped talking to the ex? Or if he’s been sexting with his work wife? Possible outcomes run the gamut from questionable to demonic (and I am currently keeping it G-rated).

Let’s get one thing straight – if we’re even having the “should I look through his texts?” conversation, we’re in a bad, baaaad place, my dear.

It won’t matter what you find, the inkling of disingenuous goings-on is already afoot and we can be sure of one thing: The trust has flown this love nest.

The only reason you have the thought to peep his personal plays is because your inner survival guide (read: our old, faithful friend Intuition) is all, “Hey. Yeah, you. Over here. Could we all just stop ignoring this FINALLY, get honest with a homegurl and move on? We so have better things to do in this lifetime. Thankyoumuchkbi!”

But most of us still can't trust that gut feeling and think we need "proof." Sure, the “proof “ may be in the push email. But you already know that. That's why you’re sneaking a peak. Whether the 411 you uncover validates your leery leanings or not (and if you’re that dedicated to the cause, it’s only a matter of time before you snoop your way into a serious exposé of a situation), do you really want to be with someone who makes you constantly question your confidence in the relationship? So much so that you’re willing to violate his personal affects and trust? Nope. Not at all. In. The. Least.

(DISCLAIMER: Granted, you might have some insecurities and your own fun bag of issues to work through (who doesn’t?) that could from time to time trigger a similar response. Amazingly, you have the uncanny ability to discern the difference.)

Yes, this is me pushing the drama-minimizing option of saving face (again, duh). I’m much more concerned with getting you to a healthy, happy relationship where the thought of pulling a Dick Tracy on your boyfriend is the most preposterous and outlandish idea to never surface in your mind.

So, spill. Have you ever satisfied your suspicion and snooped? In vain or victory? Share your tales of curiosity-killed-the-cat below.



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