Stacks on Stacks on Stacks: Your New Approach to Simplified Skincare

When a beauty expert tells you she can treat more skincare concerns in less time, our ears perk up. When said expert makes our lives easier by doing this while simultaneously making our beauty routine simpler, then she REALLY has our attention.

Kerry Benjamin founded StackedSkincare in part to help her heal her personal, very pesky problem with eczema. And goodness, are we she glad she did.

The concept is quite simply brilliant: Develop a few buildable formulas that mix and match and work together to solve skincare concerns.

Kinda like a capsule wardrobe collection solving style conundrums… wouldn’t ya say?

Obviously we wanted to know more. So we fired up some questions and shot them over to Kerry, and lucky for us (and you!) this gorgeous female founder graciously replied to our curiosities.

Read on to see why you’ll love Stacked Skincare as much as we do.

Many great ideas come from solving a personal pain point. Yours was chronic eczema. How did your research and own personal solution lead to the start of Stacked Skincare?

I started StackedSkincare because of my own skin issues with eczema.  After going through a very difficult year with several MRSA infections, one that landed me in the hospital for 5 days, I knew I had to start to figure out how to heal my skin because I just kept getting so sick. I needed to gain knowledge and credibility in order to launch my own skincare line. I didn’t want to be that high-tech girl with eczema that slapped a label on a bottle. I wanted my line to have purpose and meaning, and to actually do what it’s supposed to do. Not having any skincare knowledge, I knew the first place I needed to start was educating myself. After I got my [aesthetician] license, I launched my skincare practice and developed this methodology of ‘stacking’ different treatments to maximize the efficacy. After years of perfecting this methodology on all skin types and conditions, I knew this was exactly what I wanted my consumer product line to reflect.  I built the product line based on the methodology of how I treat my clients’ skin in my spa.

How did you decide to leave your 13-year career run in digital media?

It was time. I was ready to move on and as I mentioned above, I was struggling so much with my skin that I really wanted to figure out what I could do to help myself and, in turn, others.  Also, I always had an entrepreneurial spirit in me, and I really wanted to launch my own company.  The timing worked out that when I was ready to leave my former career, it was perfect timing to get this started. I had just left San Francisco and moved to LA, got engaged, sold my place in SF, and went through the death of my mother, there were so many life changes happening all at once, and I was ready to get my new career going as well! 

Were there any fears or concerns associated with taking the entrepreneurial leap?

Not really!  I don’t really get too afraid, I get more stressed out than anything.  I think this is because I tend to be an overachiever and have super high expectations of myself.  One of my philosophies is, “It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be done.”  Now, with that said, I’m a bit of a perfectionist, but sometimes people can’t get out of their own way because they spend too much time focusing on little details, like images on a website.  Just get the site live, get customers, analyze what’s going on, and then make modifications along the way.

Your stacking concept basically helps us get more done with our skin in a shorter amount of time. Who doesn't love that?! Can you explain a bit about how your formulas do this?

I treat skin using a holistic layering approach, “stacking” two or more treatments and tools to achieve maximum results. When used together, our products work in harmony to improve multiple skin concerns at once. The result is significantly more beautiful skin in a shorter period of time.

Components of a Stack:

Exfoliants: Slough off dead, dry skin with a combination of chemical exfoliation. Combined exfoliation treatments promote healthy skin cell turnover, prevent acne, reduce dark spots and blemishes, and boost collagen production for plumper skin.  We have 3 peels in our product line: TCA Multi Acid Face Peel, TCA Multi Acid Body Peel and the Deep Sea Mineral Face Peel.

Specialized Treatments: Combine two or more specialized serums to address a variety of concerns like acne, hyperpigmentation and dryness. When stacked together, the active ingredients in our serums work synergistically to address multiple problematic skin symptoms at once. This complete approach is designed to give skin the specific nourishment it craves, resulting in swift and significant complexion improvements.

Tools: We use state-of-the-art skincare technology like microneedling, dermaplaning, and SilkPeel Microdermabrasion in our Santa Monica spa location, but you can also safely experience the benefits of skincare tools at home. Our favorite at-home tools are micro-rollers to stimulate collagen production and increase skincare absorption.  We will soon be launching our own at home dermaplaning tool!

What are your top 3 Holy Grail beauty products that you cannot live without?

Honestly, I use my skincare products for my skin!  I couldn’t live without dermaplaning, microneedling with my serums and my peels.

I try to keep my beauty routine low maintenance. I get my lash extensions touched up every 2 weeks and I had my brows microbladed 2 years ago and recently just touched up.

I don’t really wear makeup, but I’ve recently discovered lip liner and lipstick and I’m loving it!! I swear it took five years off just by using that alone.  I also use a Benefit Under Eye Concealer and sometimes, a Benefit Bronzer.  


A beautiful THANK YOU to Kerry for answering our Q’s! For more from Kerry and Stacked Skincare, you can follow her on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest, and shop here.

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