The Best Dating Advice To Easily Share With Your Friends


It's Friday. Aaaand your BFF is having boy problems again? You know how this unfolds: Your girlfriend comes to you, oh wise one that you are, with her latest courtship conundrum. And you lovingly sit there over six bottles of wine and intricately dissect her dating dilemmas for hours, siphoning through snacks and sips until the only thing left are the BBQ-almond kale chips you accidentally bought 4 months ago and several glass recyclables. It's been an evening of increasingly tipsy:

Does he like me?

What does THAT mean?

Wait, no, but look at the email he sent two weeks ago? Doesn't that count?

Why can't he plan and text me more then 19 minutes in advance?

Did I sleep with him too soon?

He wants me to stick fruit up his ass during sex -- is that normal?

... and so on.

Hey, we all want your friend to be happy, feel good about her dating decisions, and fingers crossed, fall in love. But you and I both know that no matter what 100% accurate advice you give her about how she shouldn't let his every.single.move dictate her mood and run her day (or dating life, for that matter), and regardless of you reminding her that she already knows damn well that a guy who only texts every 3 weeks is not #TeamHubby2017, she'll most likely continue on her way.

Eventually, this becomes a sort of lather, rinse, repeat service. To help, we've compiled the best dating advice from the top-hit archives here at the SLF, and made them Tweetables, so you can just click, tag your friend and tweet it out to her. Easy peezy. And then you don't have to look like the insensitive friend who gives it to her straight. I'll take all the tough-love blame. Serving them with a side of wine is still suggested. Happy healing.


“But I could make it work" ab-so-LUTE-ly means it will not.

from 6 Words That Guarantee He's Not The One


Ignore your intuition & you'll put time into something that keeps you from who you really want,

from Don't Fight or Fake The Feeling



Pat yourself on the back for having the balls to step away from a situation that's going nowhere,

from How to Fake Your Way To Surviving a Break Up



Things are like 60% good so if you just try harder, they’re gonna get so much better... NO. STOP IT. STOP IT RIGHT NOW

from You Can’t Date A Person’s Potential



Contrary to popular belief, guys ARE straightforward. There ARE no mixed messages. But are you listening?

from Nobody Just Breaks Up With You “Out Of The Blue”



No amount of soul-connecting, life-changing love will overcome bad timing.

from Relationship Success: It's 10% Love, 90% Timing



It’s not that he’s not interested in you. It’s more likely that you two just want different things from the relationship.

from How To Know If You're Being Led On



It comes down to effort. If a guy really likes you, he will put in REAL effort, aka NOT just an Instagram like.

from How Technology Is Ruining Your Dating Life



Keep meeting the same kinda undateable guy? Welp, the common denominator is… you. Change you, change the outcome.

from Stop Dating The Same Lame Duck Over and Over



Not every date/relationship/flirtation, no matter how swoon-tastic, is supposed to “work out.”

from So. He Didn’t Call. (Cue the “What’s Wrong with Me?” Freak Out)



FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY AND RIGHT IN THIS WORLD, do not stalk his social media feeds

from How to Fake Your Way To Surviving a Break Up