The F Show Creator Lolita Taub Wants to Empower Female Millennials Via Entrepreneurship


There's much ado these days about entrepreneurship, but what is an ambitious Millennial to do when she feels as if going into business on her own isn't the right path to take, but still wants to flex those corporately creative muscles? Keep it in house, as sales tech intrapreneur and Millennial Lolita Taub has done and made a career of.

I like Lolita's story because Lolita is the type to make things happen for herself. After years in the tech biz, she did something kind of amazing.

As all brilliantly creative and passionate folks are wont to do, she gathered all the intel she learned during her time in sales intrapreneurship to launch her own entrepreneurial idea this year, The F Show, an online video series she created with her awesomely supportive husband that showcases the inspirational stories of more than 80 female entrepreneurs across the globe.

Gotta love that.

So of COURSE I tracked down this savvy 30-year-old and talked to her about the benefits of intrapreneurship, what has been the best part of traveling the world learning about the globe's coolest female Millennial entrepreneurs, and how life passions play out perfectly in a balanced marriage.


Your career comprises 7+ years of sales tech intrapreneurship. Why did you feel intrapreneurship, as opposed to entrepreneurship, was a good fit for you?

I'm an accidental intrapreneur and entrepreneur. After college, my first job was as a business consultant at one of the largest tech companies in the world: IBM. I was offered a sales executive role. I took it and, organically, became an intrapreneur - sales requires you to be the CEO of your own patch of business and run it like an entrepreneur (the main difference is that you do it within a corporation). The entrepreneur in me came out after I chose to take a sabbatical to empower my tribe; entrepreneurship became my means to an end.

You decided this year to take a break from your career. How did you arrive at this important decision?

Wanting, planning and executing - practically. I wanted to serve my tribe of female millennials in a way that would be globally accessible via entrepreneurship. I planned to use my corporate savings and gain my husband's emotional support on a potential project. Fortunately, the numbers and the support came through. Then, I executed and created the first-of-it's kind online female millennial entrepreneur show: The F SHOW.

What prompted this idea for The F Show? And what was the process of getting this project off the ground?

As I mentioned previously, I wanted to serve my tribe of female millennials in a way that would be globally accessible via entrepreneurship. For me the process to getting the idea of the ground was 1) to identify The F SHOW's vision and mission; 2) to identify what I needed and where I could get it; and 3) to go get it!

The vision is to empower female millennials via entrepreneurship. The mission is to empower via an online platform that inspired, supported, and guided. The needs came down to creating a show, The F SHOW, that would showcase successful female millennials stories from around the world, supporting the community of emerging female millennial entrepreneurs through a Facebook group; and to help guide them with useful resources on our site and our Facebook page.

What has been your biggest win with the show so far?

Our biggest wins come from the women who watch the show and get inspiration, support, and guidance - it's extremely fulfilling to hear The F SHOW is achieving it's mission! We are also grateful to be watched in over 300 cities and 60 countries around the globe; and showcased in TEDx, Huffington Post, Startup Grind, Lifehacker, among others!

How do you define success?

As my college sculpture instructor at the University of Southern California used to say, "success is defined by comparing goals and results." If I achieve personal or professional goals, that is my success.

What's a fun fact about you?

I have an inch and a half-scar on my forehead from a sliding-on-wet-floor competition at a laundromat at the age of 6-ish. It all happened because I felt compelled to show my competition, a boy, that a girl could win! Now that I think about it, that may have been my first feminist incident.

You're passionate about the positive impact you're making on the world. How does this lively passion translate in your marriage, and how do you balance it all?

Without my husband's emotional support, I could not do all that I have done and will continue to do. As such, it's been essential to involve him in my passions, as my partner in crime. It works well, since he also values women empowerment and my empowerment.

As far as balance is concerned, we 1) identify our visions and missions; 2) identify what we need and where we can get it; and 3) go get it! We check in every weekend. Having said so, I believe that the magic behind it all comes from our promise to always support one another - in our wants, needs, and likes.

What can you never leave home without?

Water, my Moleskin notebook, my phone, and my sunglasses!


A HUGE thanks to Lolita for answering my Q's! You can hear more from Lolita by following her on LinkedIn and Twitter, and by following The F Show on YouTube and Facebook

And if you want to hear more of Lolita's story (and it's an insanely inspiring one, for sure! She talks about how she went through the loss of a parent at 23, pre-stage cancer, supporting her family, depression, and more to create a life she loves and that's filled with purpose...), check out her Tedx SDSU talk.