The 'Feminist Mad Max' Tumblr You Need To Follow ASAP


First there was feminist Ryan Gosling. He made feminist theory fun. There were moments together and laughs shared. And enlightenment all around, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

"Hey, girl: Ryan Gosling memes might be able to help eradicate misogyny.

University of Saskatchewan Ph.D. studentsSarah Sangster and Linzi Williamson conducted a study of how the Internet's famous feminist Ryan Gosling memes affect people's feminist beliefs. Their research found that men who saw a picture of Ryan Gosling with feminist text written over it were more inclined to endorse radical feminist beliefs than the control group of people who only looked at photos of Gosling with no text."

There was even a book. But feminist Ryan Gosling, who was a product of a graduate school student Danielle Henderson's studies, came to an end when the author finished her program (with flying colors, we're sure).

We waited for years. Almost three. And then came feminist Mad Max.

Huge thanks to Lindsey Robertson over at Mashable for finding this gem:

"The new Feminist Mad Max Tumblr page points out the most forward-thinking moments of Mad Max: Fury Road in the classic Gosling "Hey girl" fashion. This is fitting because, as many angry men's rights activists have pointed out, the film itself has strong feminist themes."

It also helps that this feminist meme is played by our hall pass, Tom Hardy.

Lucky us, there's plenty more where this came from. Follow the Feminist Mad Max tumblr here.