This It Girl Is Doing More With Her It-Ness Than Partying


Wouldn't it be super cool if the "scene" touted young women for their leadership, if paps snapped pics of an influencer because of her wildly popular and unabashed ability to live authentically, or if the Guardians of The List allowed entry based on one's promise of purposeful living?

Those are the It girls Michela Aramini is putting in the spotlight.

At The Lovely It Girl, her site, she's redefining what it means to be an It Girl, forsaking partying for purpose, image for integrity, and labels for self-love.

I'm a sucker for a modern-day digital revolution, and when I came across her site, I was delighted to see a woman peeling back the curtain on what's real and what's an illusion, forging ahead on her truth, and helping her peers do the same. Not to mention, I've lived her story, walking away from jobs, perks, guys, lifestyles that were eating way at me but that others envied. It ain't easy. But it's THE BEST.

As Michela acknowledges, your It is who you truly are. So, who wouldn't wanna get behind channeling her inner It Girl?

Now, if that sentence gives you pause, or causes a rosacea flare up, you may need a sesh with Michela even more than you realize. Being a Lovely It Girl is really just about living as your best, most-empowered, attuned self. Gotta get comfy with your inner It Girl in order to get what you want out of the glorious mess of life.

But don't take it from me, Michela will tell ya.


Your mission at The Lovely It Girl "is to inspire and empower you to become the It Girl you were born to be – a bold, beautiful, brilliant woman who wants it all, does it all, and has it all – all on her own terms." Did this calling stem from an experience in your personal life?

Growing up I fell prey to what I now like to call the It Girl Illusion: the empty promise that is instilled in many young women that in order to truly “have it all” we have to fit the It Girl image: a girl who has the perfect job, perfect apartment, perfect wardrobe, perfect relationship (you get the picture).

As a perfectionist, the idea of the perfect It Girl life was alluring. But after completing the It Girl checklist, the sparkle of my life began to fade and I was left feeling disillusioned and lost, thinking to myself every day as I sat at my desk at my It Girl job: “Is this really it?”

Craving new It Girl role models, I began connecting with women entrepreneurs in New York who, to me, truly had it all: personal and professional lives they loved infused with passion, purpose and prowess. These women sparked my personal mission to redefine the It Girl: a bold, beautiful, brilliant woman who wants it all, does it all, and has it all – all on her own terms.

As an It Girl Mentor and personal brand consultant today, I’m passionate about inspiring and empowering women to become the It Girls they were born to be and make a living doing what they love through bespoke personal brands that give them the clarity, confidence, and conviction they need to spread their message, spark their mission, and make their mark on the world.


Why is it important for women to channel their inner It Girl?

Whether you want to launch your own business or land your dream job, your personal brand empowers you to make a living doing what you love and make your mark on the world, and channeling your inner It Girl is the first step to clarifying and cultivating your It Girl personal brand.


What's one step toward living as your best It Girl self?

The first step in creating your It Girl personal brand is to clarify your “It,” which is your unique value where your passions, purpose, and prowess intersect. Some questions you can ask yourself are: What you love to do for fun? How you love to help others? What are you experienced or educated in?

I recently launched The Lovely It Girl Academy, which is a six-week online personal branding course for It Girls who want to make a living doing what they love. The course takes you through my signature five-step personal branding process, so if you’re ready to take the first step to becoming the It Girl you were born to be, you can learn more about The Lovely It Girl Academy and get on the waitlist to be the first to know when enrollment re-opens in 2016 here.


What was the most significant lesson you learned from your career experiences prior to launching your business?

Your business or blog should be an extension of your personal brand, not the other way around. Many entrepreneurs invest lots of money into their brand design (website, logo, business cards, etc.) before they are clear on their personal brand strategy. Your message, mission, values and voice are the foundation of your personal brand and will serve as a blueprint for your brand design.


What does having it all mean to you? And how do you work towards achieving that each day?

I recently came across this quote by Maya Angelou that perfectly encapsulates my definition of having it all: “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”


Reveling in a relationship, single and loving it, or Tindering?

My boyfriend and I just celebrated our 7 year anniversary!


What can you never leave home without?

My iPhone, business cards, lip-gloss, and mini Altoids!


A HUGE thanks to Michela for answering my Qs! For more from Michela, you can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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