The Only Way To Find Love Is To Fake It


Yes, it's very difficult to understand what it feels like to be in a loving relationship that's real and easy and healthy and quite possibly "The One."

It's very difficult to imagine when you've never had it before.

And most of us haven't.

And part of that difficulty is that it's hard to BELIEVE that it could really be that good. Like, truly, madly, deeply, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT KNOW that that almost-perfect dude will walk into your life and love you and believe you're the most beautiful woman in the world and care for you and want the things you want and like to take you to the things you like even if he doesn't like them and want to see the world with you and see past your bullshit right into the core of who you've always wanted to be and support you and think you're a badass and scream it from the mountaintops and hold your heart in the highest regard and want to do all of this for the rest of forever.

When you've never had that, how could you possibly know what that feels like?

You can't.

But what you CAN do is believe. What you CAN do is know.

Just like you knew you'd become the awesome friend you are, just like you knew you'd kill it at college, just like you knew you'd land that job, just like you knew you slayed it last night in that dress at the party.

You knew all those things because you believed you would. You believe in yourself to have the talent, the skills, the drive, the wherewithal, the passion, the ambition, dat BODY, and the desire to do it, to get it, and to nail it.

Your guy? He's no different.

You will have him in your life because you are worth it, are good enough to have him, you have the passion for him and the relationship you'd have with him, you desire to be with him, and because you will be good at it.

You'll be good at love. You'll be good at balancing a healthy dose of self-care and giving. You'll be passionate about your life, his life, and the life you will have together.

So, you may not know what it feels like to be in that already when you've never had it. But you've gotten things you've wanted before, and you got them because you knew you would.

On some level, albeit sometimes small, you knew you were to have them.

And so it is with your One. So just keep knowing. Just keep focusing on what you know about the man you want to be with, and when a guy doesn't measure up to what you know -- when you KNOW that this is not what you KNOW you want -- you know you can walk away, no guilt, no shame, no buts or what ifs about it.

Because when you know, you know.