The Sad Face Heard 'Round the World: Looks Like Iggy Azalea Got (More) Plastic Surgery


We went back and forth about even posting about this - you know, don't feed the beast, etc. - but it's too tragic not to. And it happens all. the. time. Sunday night at this year's Billboard Music Awards, hip hop's Iggy Azalea revealed her latest costume change, one of a more permanent ilk. The platinum-blonde rapper debuted a slimmer nose and a more prominent chin, sparking seriously substantiated rumors of her latest trip under the knife. Ugh, here we go again...

Every time a new starlet or pop music-lette surfaces, we hope beyond hope that she'll recognize her influence and using it to positively influence the way women are viewed in their industry. Huge responsibility, we know. One not everyone wants, or even considers.

So when we read the headlines and saw the pics, we were saddened. Like, legit upset and feeling for this beautiful girl who felt the need, want, desire to do this to herself.

Alas, as the old saying goes, she who shakes her booty the hardest doth harbor the deepest insecurities.

There are many reasons people opt for plastic surgery. Fingers crossed they're the right-ish ones. And we just hope Iggy knew she had options, like the option not to.

We're not saying Iggy was ever the poster child of self-worth. She's had plastic surgery before. Her music and career choices say very little of true self-empowerment. But we appreciated her diverse appearance (boob job notwithstanding).

She looked unique. She looked different. She looked interesting. It was a good thing. And with that, she could have done something equally as unique, different and interesting with her image and influence.

Because Iggy -- the real Amethyst Amelia Kelly -- was stunning from the get.

Now, she's lost that. Shame. Snooze. Sad.

One step forward, two double-D-sized steps back. Le sigh.

Here's hoping for the next.

But what do you think, commenters? Is plastic surgery not that bad? Do we even care? 


(Also, real quick, Chris Brown had a daughter? How is that even LEGAL?)


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