The Site We're Currently Stalking (And Shopping): Primary New York


While you may happen to find us methodically pouring through our daily Keep newsletters for the chicest finds the Interwebz has to offer (c'mon, they just make it so easy), every once in a while we stumble across a shopable site that's just so damn good, we keep its Chrome tab open indefinitely. And then we resolve to tell you about it. Because that is what good friends do. The tab that's been hogging our precious monitor space for the past week is Primary New York, "a New York-based studio where we design and curate modern fashion essentials."

Well, they're not lying.

The reason why we can't pull ourselves away from this shop-site is its exceptionally curated pick of staple styles that exude minimalistic edge with a sexy twist, from emerging designers and labels you'll be glad you learned of (and then wondered how you lived without). This is the stuff instant classics are made of.

Even better, it's run by two powerhouse women! Of course it is, why wouldn't it be? No wonder we feel such kinship with this site.

In the Founder & Creative Director corner stands Cleo Schroeder, a cool Canadian who got her start in fashion in costume design for such films as Catwoman (which has clearly informed the site's offerings of sultry-basic blacks, leather, neutrals, slinky silhouettes, and metallic accessories). Head Buyer Emily Tran hails from Melbourne, Australia (no WONDER this site is so sick! Seriously, what goes ON with those Aussies and their impeccable taste?!), and has shaped a career that involves all things awesome, from event production to fashion styling and creative marketing. Together they are Primary and THANKGOD for that.

From their site:

We're forging a modern, online destination for fashion essentials that celebrate the individual taste of our generation. We believe in the high-low mix, self-expression, creative freedom and above all, that fashion is fun and created by originators like you everyday on the streets.

Yes. This. All day. Pleaseandthankyou.

We could sit here, kowtow and talk about how we want everything on this site until we're (trendily) blue in the hair, but wouldn't you rather just let the evidence stand for itself? Yeah, we thought so. Ogle on, my dears. Ogle on...


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