This Dating Expert's New Book Teaches You How To Date With Dignity


Wouldn't you like to know the ONE dating mistake you're making that men wish you were aware of?

Or the mixed-up mentality we all thought would work on guys, but actually doesn't?

Or how to refine your dating approach to start stating what you want and finding exactly that?

Sure, they may sound like cheesy used-car salesman one-liners, but we've found that with one particular dating expert, the advice that follows in answer to these questions is SO SPOT ON that we don't even care.

Enter Marni Battista of Dating with Dignity, a wildly delightful dating coach who takes the confusion out of our typical dating dilemmas and breaks. it. DOWN in ways that make you go, "Oh, SNAP! That is SO me!"

Dating with Dignity places great importance on loving oneself first so that others can share and join the love they feel. It teaches women to grow confidence within and be able to gracefully experience the highs and the lows in the journey of love.

Get that? Highs AND lows, which is so, so, sooooo important because it's when we're at our weakest point that we can make some REAL bad decisions, but also make some immensely important strides. Like, life-changing. Marni's just the coach to help you see what you've been missing (or ignoring).

So, where can you find those golden-goose answers we mentioned above?

Well... Your good news of the week is, Marni just released her new book, Becoming Irresistible: How to Effortlessly Have Men Pursue You, Treat You Like a Goddess, and Commit to You for Life. And that, my friend, is where you can find some of these love gems that Marni has spent years perfecting and proving.

And the best news of the week? You can snag a copy for FREE by clicking here. Free. Gratis. Pro bono. Budget-friendly. (The catch? You have about 7 days until this gift is no longer available. WE KNOW. Click, download, read later. Boom.)

It's a quick read - you could gobble up all its dating goodness in one evening, curled up, candles lit, wine in hand.

To give you a taste, remember that ONE mating misunderstanding that men wish you knew? It's called leaking.

Leaking is when your unconscious beliefs/thoughts/patterns escape through your verbal and nonverbal communication. For example, if you had a man who cheated in your past, you might leak if you were constantly asking your boyfriend for affirmation that he loves you -- or checking his Facebook and asking him about individual comments made by appropriate female friends. A person knows she/he is leaking when you go through the process of identifying which thoughts/beliefs/actions are limiting your lifestyle and life and being self aware when an "oops" is made. From this place, you can self correct and make a new choice next time. If your life isn't garnering the results you desire, it is most likely because you are leaking in many areas of your life.

Break out the Petit Chablis - things are about to get dignified.



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