This Is What Love Feels Like


Allow me to get sentimental for a min, mmk? I’ve found myself in an interesting situation. Namely, many women around me have been recently enjoying the fruits of an exciting dating life. Folks. This is not normal for this group. This? This is nothing short of SPECTACULAR. They’re all in fantastically good places. They’ve made me proud (and have been taking my advice, to boot). And I just… It’s just so good, I’m just so happy, I can barely type. So, for all you homies in heat, this one’s for you. [Pours one out.]

What does love feel like to you?

Things are understood albeit unspoken.


Peace. Inner and outer and any other kind you could possibly imagine.

You’ve come home.

“To me, love feels like the simple need to be with someone at all times. It's more than a want. There are people I always want to be with. But when I'm in love, I need to be with that person.”


When you’re still thinking about him, three years later.

Like you’ve found God (or the Source, that you’re one with the Universe, in sync with Mother Earth, whatever you believe in.)

A handhold.


“Love feels like wanting to cuddle after sex.”


“A piercing gaze of reverence.”






Your turn: What does love feel like to you?