This Model Is Out To Change The Way We See Beautiful


Madeline Stuart is 18. Like any teen, she likes to play sports, swim, dance, and has impressive career goals. She wants to model. What's unique about Madeline, however, is that she's on a mission to use her aspirations altruistically. And, Madeline has Down syndrome.

Growing up, Maddy, as her mom calls her, struggled with her weight but when she decided she wanted to be a model, she lost 44 lbs to reach her goal. Like a boss.

According to Madeline's Facebook page, "modeling will help change [society's] view of people with Down syndrome, exposure will help to create acceptance in life."

A quick scroll through her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter reveals a warm, caring, happy, confident individual behind this mission who feel grateful for her ability to share her message. How could you not love this?

We do.

On a recent post, Maddy says, "I believe the world is ready for change," and encouraged people to share her message and story. We hope she's right, and if the Interwebz has anything to say about it, she just may be. Maddy's story gained traction last week and went viral. Since, and with every new global outlet publishing her story, the inspiring teen's Facebook page has climbed to 346,000 Facebook likes.

And her modeling career is already off to a start, as Australian brand (Maddy lives in Brisbane, Australia) Living Dead Clothing hired Maddy as a face of the brand.

We wish Maddy all the best. You, in every essence of the phrase, go, girl.