This Woman Is The Zuckerberg of Millennial Experts


If you've spent any smidgen of time in the Millennial marketing/media space, the person I'm about to introduce needs no introduction. For the rest of you, I am so, so sorry you haven't heard of her before, but so, SO pumped I get to be the one to turn you on to her.

Ladies and ladies... Chelsea Krost, a Millennial multi-hyphenate who puts our best hyphenated minibios to shame any day. And we love her for it.

To start, she's an author, an international speaker, a brand consultant, a TV and radio show host, and one of the leading (and first) experts on Millennial culture.

To finish, she hosts a wildly popular weekly Twitter chat called #MillennialChat where she and guest experts real-talk all things Millennial; she's made a bajillion appearances on shows like Good Morning America and the Today Show; spends her life on a plane flying between her hubs in New York and LA; and recently co-founded The M Pulse, a strategy-based creative agency that helps brands rock the crap out of their social and video content.

And get this: She's 24. TWENTY. FOUR. Which means she started her career at 16. Yup. At 16, when she was invited to host her own radio show where she was growing up in South Florida. Then she published her first book at 19. She's basically the Zuckerberg of Millennial expertise. And she's a BLAST.

Who wouldn't want to get inside the head of this game-changing pioneer? I certainly did. And so I asked. Gracious as always, Chelsea hit me back with some brilliance between cities, at 38,000 feet in the air.

We covered what really set her on this path of innovative thinking, her best time-management and organization hacks (because, hi, imagine that schedule), and how her love sitch complements the rest of this life she's created for herself.

Every time I reread this interview, I get inspired. Now go get you some, too.


You got started very young, and had accomplished so much (radio show, published a book, was a spokesperson, journalist, etc.) before you were 20. What set you on this path of entrepreneurship and compelled you to start early in life? 

I had an amazing Television Production program in my middle school and high school, which definitely introduced me to broadcasting and communications. I was able to take my training from school and apply it to my very first endeavor (radio talk show), Teen Talk Live. My high school teacher and my parents encouraged me to pursue the idea I had for a teen talk show and gave me the courage to put a show treatment together and walk into Clear Channel Studios.  When I started Teen Talk Live at 16, I never in a million years thought that the show would lead to the incredible career I have today.  I always have been incredibly determined and hardworking, but I do believe that timing plays a significant factor in my career. When I started the show back in 2007, social media did not yet EXPLODE, the term Millennial did not exist, there was no such thing as social influencers – we were truly ahead of the time!

Everyone's always curious how a success story like yours begins. So, in the beginning, how did you start developing yourself as an expert and finding opportunities for speaking engagements, on camera appearances, spokesperson, etc.?  

In the beginning I was a Millennial/Teenager who was a host of a radio talk show catered towards teens talking all things that were relevant to my age demographic.  A year into the show I started to pitch the local CBS and Fox segments about Millennials like: Cyber-Bullying, Sexting, Body Shaming, Etc. Local news then led to National News and then Morning Talk Shows. The momentum started to pick up and I seized every moment and continued to innovate new methods for brands to appeal to Millennials, I pitched every news outlet, print publication, brand – you name it! I never sat back and waited for things to happen – I made things happen for myself.

You're managing The M Pulse, a weekly #MillennialChat, traveling for speaking engagements, TV & radio talk show host of The Chelsea Krost Show, being a Millennial spokesperson and brand consultant, being an author... Please let us in on your productivity hacks! How do you get everything done in your day that you need to, and stay organized and balanced?

Haha…Time management is truly an art form. I am an incredibly hard-working person who has mastered multi-tasking. I am able to get so much done because I have an incredible team around me. I have to wear multiple hats throughout the day and make sure each task gets done efficiently. Being an Entrepreneur means that you have to be nimble and quick! My productivity hacks are more like great tools that I use to keep myself organized. I live by my Google Calendar and Google invites. I use Buffer, Hashtracking Analytics, TweetChat, and Canva for social media!

What's the most important lesson you've learned so far in your 20s?

That’s a great question. I have learned a few vital lessons.

  1. You must take time to un-plug and reboot.
  2. You must take time to HAVE FUN and be SILLY!
  3. Don’t take things to personally…(I am still working on that one)
  4. Networking = Success
  5. Taking Chances is a GREAT thing.

What is your overall life goal/purpose, the big dream that you're striving toward?

My end goal honestly has changed over the course of my career. My end all goal was to have a HIT Television Talk Show…It still is but we all know Millennials aren’t watching TV like we used to. I would love for my Digital Marketing and Production Company, The MPulse, to explode and be one of the most sought out agencies to work with. I would like to continue to grow my personal brand and evolve with the new trends, tech, and methods that impact and influence this generation. The sky is the limit!

Do you ever experience moments of self-doubt? If so, how do you move through them?

All the time. I am my own worst victim 99.9% of the time. I like to talk through things that scare me or intimidate me with those I trust most. (My family, Finance, Business Partners) Hearing myself talk things out-loud always unveils what decision I end up making. I am very big on going with your gut.

Seems you're in a wonderfully supportive relationship with your fiance. How do you make time for that along with everything else?

My fiancé Jordan and I haven known each other since we were 13! We really grew up together and he has ALWAYS been so supportive of me and my career. I think a healthy relationship means that each person has to be present, available, understanding, and encouraging.  We like to do small things for each other all the time…the small things make a big difference.

What can you never leave home without?

I can’t leave the house without: Chap Stick, lip-gloss, and my seeing glasses! (I have the worst vision.) I wish I could take my cats out like they were dogs but that would make me a REALLL cat lady, hahah



A HUGE thanks to Chelsea for answering my Q's! For more from Chelsea, you can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.



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