Want Something Different in Your Life? Get Radical.


I believe they say that the best business ideas are born of necessity. And so it was with Radical Skincare.

The Radical story started when sisters Liz and Rachel Edlich were both battling their own skincare issues—Rachel with a serious case of post-pregnancy rosacea, and Liz facing a mid-40’s drop in elasticity.

So they set out to create a skincare solution that was effective enough to address Liz’s aging concerns but sensitive enough for Rachel’s finicky skin. A winning combination, if you ask me.

Boom, Radical.

When I read this story, I was particularly draw to Rachel’s struggle, of course, right, given my recent hair scare?

But what’s also interesting about these two is their attitude towards life and family and career and #goals and all that. The word “inspiration” comes to mind…

I’ve said it once and I’m gonna keep saying it – if you want something different in your life, you have to be willing to make a radical change to get it.

That “radical” attitude is evident in their skincare line, but now it’s also available—and teachable!—in this power duo’s new book (out February 2016), Get Radical: Secrets to Creating A Life You Love. 

They talk about goal-setting and getting what you want out of life (can I get an A-MEN), and incorporate actionable tips from other entrepreneurs and experts in the field, like Lavinia Errico, one of the co-founders of Equinox.

Because why stop at total domination in just one field?

So I wanted to talk to them about developing a meaningful career through personal triumph and entrepreneurship, and the power of a radical “yes.”

(And, if you wanna give the gift of Radical Skincare—to yourself or others—they have this gorg holiday cracker that’s popping with a sampling of the brand’s best-sellers, and in travel sizes so you can still look radically good while schlepping cross-country to see the fam. I’m personally dying to try their new Perfection Fluid. I hear it’s… perfection. Jk, jk… But seriously, I could really use something that’s going to make me look like I have 64 LED lights shining on me at all times.)

What's at the core of the Radical Yes approach to entrepreneurship?

You can never even imagine what could happen if you just say yes.

Radical Yes means embracing the things that both scare and excite you. It means pushing your own boundaries, breaking through your personal ceiling, and knowing that you can hit an achievable goal. Fear is a choice. Sure, there are times when there is reasonable and perceivable risk associated with choices. But fear is a state of mind, and ultimately it is your decision whether you should acknowledge your fear or simply ignore it.

In fact, your goals should be just a little uncomfortable, scary, and fear inducing. It keeps you honest. It tests your tenacity. It calls for grit.

What's one easy but impactful way to say yes to yourself and cultivate self-care in your career without feeling guilty, selfish, or anxious?

We all need to know that we have the choice everyday to say YES to taking care of ourselves. Know that balance is important on all levels of life and taking baby steps to get there is half the battle.

Create a wish list for yourself of the different ways you experience self-care. Create a monthly calendar of the different ways that you are going to implement that into your career.

It may be asking your employer to work in your child’s classroom once a week so you would like to come in at 10am instead of 9am. Maybe it is walking at lunchtime with coworkers to get exercise and have a minute to check out of work mode. If it is time to ask for a raise, you need to list out your contributions to the organization and how you have gone above and beyond to support the business.

You just need to say YES to the first step, the first commitment to self-care.

How do your feminine strengths play into your entrepreneurship?

Women are naturally active listeners, can see both sides to a situation, and can be flexible on how to get to a solution that makes all the parties happy. We are strong decision makers. Living a radical life is not always about the results of the decision. In fact, it is just the opposite. Living a radical life is about making the decision. A radical life calls for you to weigh the outcomes and choose door number one or door number two. Remember, “If you stand in the middle of the road, you get hit by traffic going both ways.” Making decisions is one of the most important things you can do.

Every decision results in one of two outcomes: a good one or an adverse one. A good decision creates positive results in your life. An adverse decision offers the opportunity to learn from your mistake. Either way, the result of your decision should be a welcomed one. It is indecision that can really hurt.


And that’s just a taste! As you can tell there are many gems to learn from these two—and so much more in their new book. A HUGE thanks to Rachel and Liz for answering my Q’s! For more from them and Radical Skincare, you can follow on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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