What Do Your Cheating Dreams Really Mean?


Recurring cheating dreams got you boggled? I get it, whether you believe in their deeper meaning or not, sometimes they can be hard to shake. You love the pants off your man, he’s made you happier than you ever imagined possible in a relationship, the sex is off the chain and you’re a Devoted Daisy to your one-and-only, so what gives? Why is your subconscious whipping up wild fantasies of lust, love, betrayal and sensual embraces worthy of a Danielle Steel cover?

Well, dreams can sometimes be a window into your subconscious, a cousin to intuitive messages you’re used to hearing in your waking life. Other times, you just ate too much chocolate before bed.

But if they are tools to help you sort through some emotions, what’s up with all that imaginary cheating stuff?

In a dream, cheating signifies that some part of you isn’t being satisfied in your life or relationship. Ask yourself, what’s not being fulfilled, what’s being suffocated, what are you worried about not achieving because of your relationship?

Need clues? Look to who and what is going down (ha) in your dream.

Who are you stepping out with? What does he represent? What is your relationship like in the dream? Happy? Stressed? Uncomfortable? A relief?

For instance, let’s say your guy is the creative type, an artist living a life of complete and utter freedom, working for himself, traveling the world selling his work, never living in one place for too long, traipsing from town to party to idea to accomplishment without a hint of the fear of the uncertainty. And you LOVE him for that. It’s part of why you’re attracted to him and it’s a part of who you are and how you want to live.

Meanwhile, you’re dreaming of making out with an ex or a new acquaintance that defines his success doing just the opposite. Working a steady 9 to 5, with benefits, a 401k, and a clear line to the CEO top (so long as he’s willing to dedicate the next 20 or 30 years to the cause).

So what about this new dream-y suitor’s situation sets your loins on fire?

Do you crave some of the steadiness he promises in your dreams? In the dream, are you reaping the benefits of his perceived success? Perhaps your crave the emotional security that comes with the safety net of his job.

Perhaps, as much as you love your creative cutie, there may be something you’re worried about when it comes to your life together and how his lifestyle will affect yours and your career.

In another example, maybe your sleepytime sire represents freedom your real relationship that just isn’t right for you, and is illuminating a decision you’ve been putting off for a while. Are your needs being met in your reality of a relationship? Are you giving to the relationship what your IRL partner needs so that he can feel loved? What does your REM-cycle relationship provide that you’re not getting with eyes open?

Rest assured, you’re not a bad person and you don’t have misbehavin’ tendencies simply because you have an active imagination. Your intuitive self just has a knack for getting your attention and making sure you’re listening to what you truly want.

And if he’s doing the one cheating in the dream, that, to me, signifies a serious loss of trust on your end (keep in mind, dream interpretation, like all intuitive hints, is subjective and only you will know what truth resonates). It can even mean it’s happening in real life, as I’ve experienced, but OMGZ BEFORE YOU FREAK OUT RIGHT NOW, understand that to know this is EXTREMELY intuitive and is HIGHLY personal and should only be assessed on a CASE-BY-CASE basis. One thing not to do here: Tell him about the dream and accuse him of anything. Trust me, that never ends well.



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