What Is Decision Fatigue and Why It's Making You Less Productive

Research shows we are all making about 35,000 conscious decisions a day. But how many of those decisions do we actually need to be making?

Let's look at just a typical weekday morning.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

The alarm is going off and it’s 6:00 am.

Should I get up? Can I sleep for five more minutes? Wait, I think I have that important 9:00am meeting. I should probably get up.

Do I feel like washing my face this morning? It might make my makeup look gross if I don't. I'll just skip the toner for now. What is toner even for?

Coffee or tea? Tea is better for you. Tea it is then.

Which shoes? Let's do flats! Wait, the meeting. Ugh, heels.

And so goes the day…

More and more studies are finding that our brains are being overworked by all the choices we need to make. And some of those decisions are highly questionable, like eating tacos from Taco Bell.

According to a study from Columbia University, even high-power judges make more favorable rulings immediately after they have taken a break and eaten.

So what does this mean to us mere mortals without super fancy law degrees? It means we need to learn how to get it together by making fewer choices.

Here are three easy ways to deal with decision fatigue with just your clothes:

  1. Simplify your wardrobe - There's a reason Wonder Woman only has one outfit. She doesn't have the time to think about what she needs to wear to kick butt. Us boss ladies are also too busy making the world awesome to keep picking outfits every single day. So minimize your wardrobe to just a few select, figure-flattering pieces that can be worn with anything and use the extra time to keep changing the world

  2. Pick your outfit the night before - With our new simplified closet, preparing for the following day will make our morning routines way less stressful. And we all know, less stress means fewer wrinkles. So yay to no decision-making worry lines!

  3. Make a clothing schedule and stick to it  - Sit down one day and decide ahead of time what type of clothing you will wear each day. For example, let's say on Mondays, you decide to always wear a sleek dress with heels. Tuesday is skirt and blouse day and so on and so on… By making a clothing schedule, you keep your fashion life consistent and make your clothing choices automatic.

By implementing these small changes, you will begin to feel much happier as your mind is freed up for ideas that actually matter in life.

Do you have any fashion tips on how to stop decision fatigue? Let us know in the comments below!