What To Do When You Miss Your Ex


Because it's going to happen. There's no telling when exactly the first wave will hit. Could be tomorrow, a month from now, or two years, 37 weeks, 23 hours and 32 minutes to the day after the breakup. But it will happen. If you had any (positive) emotional investment whatsoever in the relationship, I can pretty much guarantee it. Doesn't matter if you were dumped or did the dumping. You guys were together for a reason, which means that, at one point in your life, he provided something to you that will be forever ingrained in your personal-growth DNA.

That "I miss you" sentiment can be triggered by anything, really. So I can't even suggest smart, pin-up-y ways to avoid feeling it. Whomp, whomp.

Consider: #TBT can pose a real problem if you and your ex-lovah share a mutual friend with a tag-happy thumb and a penchant for over-posting. All it takes is one thoughtless throwback and the happy height of your former togetherness is on display for you and all of your lists to see. (I'm all for the power of social media--except in this case. In this case, a wayward tweet, like or IG can be a real biyatch.)

Cue the collective "UGH."

What you're most likely craving is the connection you shared. That warm, comforting feeling of having a built-in best friend who was always in your corner. Someone who would always take your calls and talk it through. Someone who made it a part of their day to make you feel special. The moments had, memories made and kisses exchanged... Le sigh.

So when you're missing that? Recreate it. Call up that there-for-you buddy, your been-through-it-all rock who would gladly drop everything to be your couch consoler. Splay out on her chaise, cuddle up under covers and just lay. No words need be exchanged. You just need to feel the connection that comes with knowing you are loved (which you are, duh). Recreate that connection with her (but maybe minus the kissing).

It's not a perfect substitute, obvs, but I promise it will satisfy that craving for closeness that he used to quench. And it will hold you over until the next time this trife emotion surfaces (by then it will be less debilitating). It will also keep you from drunk texting, calling, Face Timing, emailing and tweeting your ex. Which is always bad news bears.

And now I turn it over to you, lovely readers: What do you do when that feeling starts to creep up? Exercise? Girl's night? A double-digit bottle of Pinot?