What To Say When They Ask Why You're Single


Hey there, good lookin'. Today we're tackling a pretty common single-gal situation: Navigating really fun, hilariously innocent (or totally loaded) questions being hurled at you regarding your relationship status.

More specifically: You're gorgeous, fabulous and everything, inside and out. So you must get this a lot: "Woman, how in the WORLD are you single?"

Oh, joy.

Do you take offense? Does it make you uncomfortable? Or is your reaction more like:

I personally don't mind it so much--it generally means they can see how flipping fantastic you are. In fact, you are SO awesome and loveable and together and brilliant that it's hard for them to understand why you don't have, like, 18 boyfriends.

But if you DO hate the question, there's some self-acceptance that needs to happen ASAP.

Do you feel unloveable, my dear? Unworthy of intimacy and being desired? Maybe you're desperately trying to keep your secret shadow side from being "found out" by keeping men at a distance. Maybe you're just loving the single life and feel pressured about coupling up.

Hmm... If that's the case, I could see how a question like this could trigger some ish you'd rather not address.

That's cool. That's a solid indicator that you have some self-love work to delve into (and maybe some boundary-setting to handle for all those relatives barking in your ear).

In the meantime, here are a few ways to handle the inquiry with grace, no matter how you feel about who and what is being thrown in your face.

Just hit 'em with:

  • "I'm building my empire, breeze. And what?"
  • "I haven't found him yet."
  • "Well, I'm batsh*t cray cray, obvs." [deadpan]
  • "I'm not settling."
  • "Not ready to give up on passion just yet."
  • "He's on his way. Taking his sweet time to ready himself for me."
  • "What? And waste all this on just one person?"
  • "I'm only [insert any age] - I have all the time in the world."
  • "I'm perfecting myself."
  • "I'm getting my swerve on."
  • "You let me know when Ryan Gosling is single again."
  • "I'm working the kinks out."
  • "It's all about me right now. Selfish can be good. If you're not taking care of yourself, you certainly can't take care of anyone else!"
  • "I'm in dating detox."
  • "Stella's getting her groove back."
  • "Love takes time."

I know you've come up with some good ones. Lay 'em on me in the comments!