When A Guy Knows What He Wants, It’s Real Effing Simple


When he knows he wants you:

  • He’ll drive 4 hours out of his way to pick you up.
  • He’ll make space for you in his place.
  • He’ll devise, plan and confirm the next date. And the next one after that. And the next one after that.
  • He’ll fly to see you. Every. Single. Time.
  • He’ll move for you.
  • He'll consider you in his decisions.
  • He’ll tell his friends what you mean to him.
  • There will be no games. Ever.

And when he doesn’t:

  • He cancels trips with you at the last minute.
  • He never follows through on his promises.
  • He’ll drag his feet on the life changes he needs to make in order to be with you.
  • He texts but never plans the next date.
  • He disappears for weeks on end.
  • He’ll keep you around, tell you he likes you, but won’t pull the trigger to consistently date you.
  • He’ll leave you guessing.
  • You won’t be able to trust him.
  • You’ll get what feels like “mixed messages.”

Now, that’s not to say if he’s not doing things in the first column that he’s not into you. He very well could be. He could enjoy your company, or your sex, or your scintillating conversations, or your cooking, or you fill a void that he so desperately needs filled. But if you have any shroud of an iota of a doubt about how he feels about you, he just may not know what he truly wants. And really, that’s the only time a guy can truly, all-in commit to ANYTHING and mean it—when he knows he wants it, needs it, gots to have it, can’t go without it.

To all you engaged and married ladies out there, what did your man do to woo you? How did you know he was 100% in it to win it?