Why Women Are Better At Business Than Men

It's no secret that we live in a male dominated world. 

And no. This post is not going to bash men or push an ultra feminazi agenda.

On the contrary, we love men. Men are amazing and they all offer their own unique talents to this world.

Unfortunately, we still have to pay attention to the facts.

And the fact is there are only a little over 20 female CEOs sitting as the heads of S&P Fortune 500 companies at the moment. 

Not. Cool. 

Our society still has a long way to go when it comes to empowering women. 

Despite the advancements in women's rights and the glass ceilings that are broken every day, women are still viewed as inferior when it comes to business.

It's common sense that a client should pick the best qualified person and promotions should be based on merit regardless of gender. 

But life isn't fair and rarely ends up the way things should be. 

That's why we came up with four reasons why women are better at business.

It's here for you just in case you ever need a little confidence booster for the next time you are the only woman going against all males for a big gig. 

1.) Women are more intuitive. 

A recent Gallup study explains how women focus more on collective voices and are more aware of what is happening with the people around them. Men tend to internalize their decision making process.

Women’s intuition is a significant advantage because we are more naturally aware of negative effects on company culture.

Women tend to be more future oriented as they often notice the hidden subtleties behind decisions and how decisions affect a company down the line.

2.)  Women are more educated.


According to the most recent US Census, 60% of women compared to 58% of men had some college or more education.

The old adage that leaders are readers are true and women seem to love learning just a bit more than men.

For a company, it means women will be naturally more inclined to be open to new and innovative ideas that will help the company grow.

3.) Women are more organized and disciplined.

The same Gallup study mentioned earlier described how women scored higher than men when to comes to discipline, organization and thoroughness.

A boss or client can rest easy knowing that a project will have all its t’s crossed and i’s dotted in the hands of a woman.

Not to brag, but this fun fact basically means women are more likely to get something done right...the first time. 

Imagine all the time and money that saves!

4.) Women are more humble.

Now, don't confuse this virtue with being a doormat. 

The Gallup study also found that men to be a little more egocentric whereas women are more open to admitting when they are wrong.

Businesses need people who know when something just isn't working anymore. 

Women are those people. 

With this virtue along with bulletpoint #1, women are more likely to pivot and refocus which can help companies avoid potential disasters. 

Know about more strengths women bring to the table? Mention them in our comments below! 

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