Why You Should Be Buzzing About Your Coffee Date


  My girls sometimes complain about getting asked out for coffee. It usually goes something like this, "W(ho)TF wants a latte? Can he not afford to take me out to dinner? You know what this says to me? It says he's cheap."

Now, my friends aren't money-hungry, gold-digging bottle rats. They just feel slighted. Because there is something to be said for getting asked out to dinner. It's nice, its formal, it feels sexy, it's exciting ("Where's he gonna take me??") and it can be kind of a big deal. Espesh on a Saturday night when it's a meaningful deal. So, when the offer comes in at a daytime-caffeinated level, they feel as if dude's not into them enough to throw down for din din. Or broke. Is it possible he's just being smart?

Let me be clear: Coffee can be the perfect first date. Coffee, my friends, is clutch.

For 1) It's a sober undertaking. Sure, dinner is more of a time commitment and could lead to a romantic night out, but it will also almost assuredly involve cocktails, wine and then maybe some more cocktails... and then subsequently some bad decisions--which, by the by, dude is fully aware of. So revel in the fact that he wants to see your mug in the sunlight and that he wants to actually get to know you without using alcohol as a crutch.

B) If things start to head south, you can get the eff outta dodge ASAP. There is nothing worse than being stuck on a TERRIBLE less-than-ideal date where the convo is two cricket chirps shy of a Helen Keller soliloquy. Be thankful the man understands this.

B.5) He could be a creep (girl, you told me you met him on Instagram...). You may need to push the eject button fast and you’re never far from the door in a coffee shop. Just something to consider.

Finally, it's an easy transition to the friend-zone for you, if you need to pull that card. Having a great time but not feeling that spark? Perf. No awk post-first-date kiss required. You can get off scot-free while maintaining some modicum of human decency and not shattering his man-sized ego.

Now, go get your fix.