Women's Leadership Coach Emily Cassel Advises You to Lean Back, Not In


In a fun, new turn of events, the SLF is going video! (And then viral, God willing.) And what a way to kick off this new phase: Today, I'm sitting down with Emily Cassel, a women's leadership coach who brings a much needed refreshing spin to the world of coaching.

You see, working with Emily is like having your wisest, most-together friend offer to sit down with you and workshop YOUR stuff for an hour every week, sans distracting notifications from pending Tinder matches, work emails, or Instagram mentions (and without even having to return the favor).

Emily's expert guidance comes from a well informed place of personal experience, exceptional training, and mentoring. She touts the benefits of sisterhood and helps women (just like you!) move through fears, blocks and limiting beliefs to crack open their potential.

Look, her goal was to have started her own business by age 26. She's 23 and she's making it happen for herself, so... something's working, right? Yes, yes it is. And she can make it work for you, too. Trust me, I've been on the receiving end of her magic and she. is. GOOD. Like, got me to a deeper revelation about my career in less than an hour, good. And I'm in a related field, so I do this for myself and clients a LOT.

I wanted to get her in front of you, and so glad we did this on camera so you can witness firsthand just how great she is to talk to. Just great.

And talk we did!

The lovely Emily and I chatted about what life is like on the other side of taking a risk to live purposefully (hint: its pretty damn awesome), why she'd rather have you lean back than lean in in certain situations, and the real thoughts every soloprenuer has in the first year of business.

Roll tape!



A HUGE thanks to Emily for answering my Q's! For more from Emily, you can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest.



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