You Will Want These Flattering Flats, Even If You Hate Wearing Flats


Crushing on those designer espadrilles everybody looks so damn cute in, but dying to find a way to express your happy feet in a way that's not so overplayed? Yeah, same here. This weekend, we were introduced to Sabahs, an artisan shoe line from Mickey Ashmore. It's official: We -- women who live by the rule that the higher the heel, the better -- have found our summer flat.

Fashioned after what we Americans recognize as a genie shoe, the Sabah silhouette is an updated version of the Turkish shoe that's handcrafted of butter-soft leather in bright, beautiful hues that last a lifetime (or close to it, depending on how much you rock the Casbah in your Sabahs).

It's as if moccasins and espadrilles had a ridiculously good-looking love child. Non-pointy-toed flats tend to make our perfectly proportioned calf-to-ankle ratio look like tree stumps. These do not. Huzzah.

And the colors! Think electric blue with black piping, camel with taupe piping, sea foam green, baby pink, sky blue, cream, light yellow, silver, pumpkin, orange, black, leopard, and on and on and on. Feeling creative? You can even custom order a combination of a few of the above, provided that Mickey still has the leather in stock.

There are only a handful of Turkish artisans that make these fashionable footwear. Every pair is practically made-to-order, as only 200 shoes are produced each week. Colors sell out and they sell out fast. They're comfy, they stretch to mold to your feet, they're exclusive (so you feel special for being in-the-know enough to own a pair), and they don't smell after walking a day in the summer heat.

Mickey and his inspired team are hawking its latest line of four fresh shades of lemon yellow, mint, bubblegum pink, and robin's egg blue inspired by Classic Miami Summer. Yacht life or not, you need a pair of these.

To boot, Mickey's bespoke-ish, small-batch, limited-edition shoes wear wonderfully, getting better with age and lasting well past your Chanel versions.

Here's the catch -- the only way to purchase is old school, through email or phone, or by meeting up with Mickey whenever he's feeling adventurous and touring the globe slinging his soles. Follow Mickey, his musings, where he's selling, and his sole society on Instagram @TheSabahDealer.