Your Guide To Everyday Colors

Both the rising entrepreneur and self-made stylist know that colors matter. Wearing the most appropriate color for the occasion is the ultimate save and easiest way of unleashing your sharpest self. So what do certain colors mean and how can we use them?

Below are six everyday colors and your guide to wearing them oh-so-fabulously:



Getting ready to meet his parents or ace your job interview? Go with blue, and be sure to pick middle to darker hues. Blue is stable. Serious shades convey responsibility, honesty, and efficiency. It’s no coincidence many politicians like to sport blue and white– this snazzy duo is commonly used to convince others of our authenticity and reliability.



Look no further thought leaders and field experts. White is your color! The heart of transparency and purity, this color helps you transmit illuminated wisdom and inspirational ideas. Avoid wearing white alone while public speaking, defending a position, or trying to be assertive. Instead, use this color to express honesty and embrace your most elevated self.



Black is for the elegant and distinguished image. It’s sophisticated and clean, helping you achieve a simple yet professional look. It’s the ideal color for the work-as-hard-as-you-party enthusiast, as it makes a seamless transition from office to formal wear. Avoid black when working with children, trying to break barriers, or earn someone’s trust. Wearing it will only widen the emotional gap.


Want others to know you’re passionate? Speaking at or leading a meeting? Wear red. This primal color is representative of strength and stamina, and helps you convey soul and vigor. While red accents and accessories are sure to liven any exchange, opt for blue if you plan on asking for a loan. This fiery hue can only help you sizzle!


The color of creation, happiness, and health, orange is known for communicating creativity and expression. Use it to make an outfit more relaxed, or to open the floodgates of communication. Ditch it if you’re dressing for a formal event or night out. Mix with white, gold, and bronze accessories to achieve an effortless spring and summer daytime color palette… the perfect look for a brunch or baby shower!


Yellow’s the perfect color for the youthful and free-spirited. It conveys happiness, new beginnings, and vitality and is great for any daytime celebration. Avoid professional, corporate settings since wearing it will make any outfit more casual and noticeable.